Field Courses 2020-2021 in Amakusa, Japan NEW

The SCESAP, in collaboration with the AMBL-Kyushu University, offers field courses to students of any nationality (mainly undergraduate level for the spring course and postgraduate level for the summer course, but admission is flexible).  SCESAP members will be given priority in case the number of applicants exceeds the capacity under this scheme.

Summer Course, 24 August - 4 September 2019crus1, successfully finished
An intensive field ecology course involving sampling, observations and surveys, data analysis and presentation.  Mainly postgraduates.

Spring Course, 6-13 March 2020, cancelled due to Covid-19
A basic course involving the sampling and classification of marine organisms of diverse taxa from different environments.  Mainly undergraduates.

Summer Course, 17-28 August 2020, cancelled due to Covid-19
An intensive field ecology course involving sampling, observations and surveys, data analysis and presentation.  Mainly postgraduates.

Spring Course, 9-16 March 2021, application open
A basic course involving the sampling and classification of marine organisms of diverse taxa from different environments.  Mainly undergraduates.

-- Credits/certificate being issued
The SCESAP will issue a certificate to those who have successfully finished the course.  In addition, AMBL/Kyushu University may issue credits to participating students.

International participants must obtain SCESAP membership before applying. Students themselves are responsible for travel costs to and from the AMBL.  There is no travel subsidy available and participants are recommended to obtain an international travel insurance to cover the whole period.  The course fee, payable on arrival, is approximately 23,000 JPY including all meals and accommodation (a big bargain in Japan !); normally the SCESAP provides a (minimum) 20% subsidy on this in the case of self-funded students. 

Places are limited in each course (<10), so early registration is essential; Apply with your full CV to Prof M Tokeshi/Dr Arakaki at the AMBL-KU  ( tokeshi or arakaki[at mark] ); make sure for which course you are applying.  A letter of invitation will be issued for international students who require a visa to enter Japan.

Registration will be closed as soon as places are deemed full (deadline: end of January for the spring course, end of June for the summer course).  See "Notice to participants".

SCESAP Biodiversity Symposium, Bogor 2019, successfully finished

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Dates: 12-16 August 2019, Bogor, Indonesia  

Host: Bogor Agricultural University 

Venue: Auditorium Andi Hakim Nasution, Rectorate building, IPB (Bogor Abgricultural University), Bogor City

This is a major international symposium covering all aspects of biodiversity studies in the coastal environments of Asia Pacific.   Students and young researchers are particularly welcome.  (The symposium is generously supported by the Society and various sponsors, making it a real value for money.)

//////////////  All types of organisms and coastal environments (marine-brackish-freshwater and adjacent terrestrial systems), integrative approaches, data-handling techniques.

Theme " Coastal Ecosystems and Biodiversity of the Asia Pacific : Achieving SDG14 ".

///////////////  Biodiversity studies, including ecology, physiology, behaviour, taxonomy/phylogeny, aquiculture, conservation and management issues, data-bases. The symposium features a special pre-symposium seminar on "Statistical data handling in environmental sciences" by Dr Makoto Yoko-o, who is an expert on dealing with different types of environmental and ecological data.   Click here for details.

■ A special memorial talk will be given by Prof M. Tokeshi, Presedent of SCESAP, on 13 August ::::: " Integrating coastal ecosystems science and management for a better future: J.R.P Daud, 1973-2018, Indonesia ".

Local Organizing Committee headed by Prof Yusli Wardiatno of Bogor Agricultural University.

Committee members: Prof. Yusli Wardiatno, Dr. Handoko Adi Susanto, Dr. Ario Damar, Dr. Luky Adrianto, Dr. Hefni Effendi, Dr. Majariana Krisanti, Dr. Ali Mashar, Dr. Zulhamsyah Imran, Dr. Sigid Hariyadi, Dr. Niken TM Pratiwi


■ Symposium schedule:

///// Delegates are strongly advised to arrive on or before 11 August (for participating in the special statistical seminar on the 12th, it is absolutely necessary)

      ---- day 1 (12 August), special pre-symposium seminar (see above), registration/welcome mixer

      ---- day 2-4 (13-15 August), full-day sessions, symposium dinner on day 4 evening

      ---- day 5 (16 August), field workshop in coastal mangrove areas

Registration charge (Early registration is recommended; this includes the conference dinner)

registration category SCESAP member Non-member
Before 28 February 2019, ordinary / student
100 USD / 70 USD
200 USD / 150 USD
1 March - 31 May 2019, ordinary / student
150 USD / 100 USD
250 USD / 200 USD
After 1 June - , ordinary / student
170 USD / 120 USD
270 USD / 220 USD
(Indonesians, ordinary / student)
150 USD / 100 USD
250 USD / 200 USD


Registration procedure: (1) Pay the appropriate sum using PayPal below, (2) fill in the registration form (download), and (3) send the completed form to the Symposium Secretariat [ bogor2019(at mark) ] as email attachment. Mail subject: "registration_your family name", text: "registration : PayPal receipt/transaction ID number".

A person different from the applicant can also settle the PayPal bill on his/her behalf by simply putting the applicant's full name in the section 'Add special instructions to the seller' within the bill.  A successful payment will generate a PayPal receipt/transaction ID number, which the applicant should supply on the registration form.  This means that each applicant will have a unique receipt ID.

---- Online Registration open ----

category (click and choose)


---Indonesians Only--

Indonesians (click and choose)

Recommended accommodation : (close to the venue)

These are suggestions only; delagates need to make their own arrangements (but contact the local organizers if you need help).

1. Bogor Icon Hotel: from 600.000 IDR prpn 

2. Bogor Valley Hotel: from 545.000 IDR prpn

3. Duta Berlian Hotel

Student Accommodation inside IPB Campus (Rate from 175.000 IDR prpn):
1. Amarilis Guest House
2. Landhuis Guest House
3. International Dormitory

Please contact the local organizers if you need help in arranging your accommodation.

(The following hotels are in the centre of Bogor city and 1h drive from the venue.)

1. Onih Hotel: from 600.000 IDR prpn (

2. Sahira Batik Hotel: from 500.000 IDR prpn (

3. Hotel Salak The Heritage: 500.000 IDR prpn (

4. Royal Hotel Bogor: from 800.000 IDR prpn (

Abstract submission : (open now)
Oral presentations: PowerPoint, 12min,  Posters: A0 (or smaller) size, portrait.  All materials to be prepared in English only.   A 200-word (max) abstract (Oral) / 120-word (max) abstract (Poster) to be submitted by 30 June 2019.  An abstract must have (1) a title (capital letters should not be used except for the 1st letter of the first word of the title, proper names and common abbreviations), (2) author names and affiliations (be brief), and (3) the corresponding author's email address.   Make this in MS WORD or WORD-compatible form on A4, margins 30mm on all sides, font: Arial, font size: 10, aligned to the left only.  Submit this as an email attachment to: abstract2019(at mark) .   Subject: oral (or poster), text: 1st author's name.  Note that the Symposium Organizers cannot guarantee a slot for oral presentation and some late applicants may be asked to switch from oral to poster presentation, if oral slots are full. In such a case, prospective presenters will be contacted as soon as possible.

Works presented at the symposium and submitted thereafter will be published, after peer-reviewing, in the Society's journal "Coastal Ecosystems".  Papers which do not meet the standard of CE may alternatively be published in the Bulletin, at the discretion of editors.  Submission of works for publication by SCESAP members will incur no cost; non-members must pay 50 USD symposium publication charge (this is a discount; normally, non-members need to pay 80 USD for publication in CE), apart from the registration fees.  It is therefore recommended that prospective delegates obtain SCESAP membership before registration.

Click here for the information on past events.


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