SCESAP HQ as Non-Profit Incorporated Organization

The Society for Coastal Ecosystems Studies - Asia Pacific (SCESAP) has its Secretariat (administrative headquarters) in Amakusa, Japan, as a non-profit, incorporated organization.

Establishment : since 1 February 2013
The SCESAP HQ was established as an incorporated entity on the 1 st of February 2013 with its main office registered at AMBL-KU in Amakusa, Kumamoto, Japan.  The SCESAP HQ has its own governing rules ("Teikan"), which are designed to support and facilitate the Society's activities in an optimum and cost-effective way.  While the SCESAP HQ is registered under the Japanese law, its outlook and perspectives are completely international and is totally dedicated to the advancement of the Society's objects as stipulated in its Articles of Association.

Catering to the needs of scientists/students in Asia Pacific
The SCESAP HQ endeavours to offer stability to the Society's existence and guarantees that the Society is an evolving, truly international, organization that can respond, in a timely and most flexible manner, to the needs of scientists and students in Asia Pacific regions in order to promote research, education and management concerning the varied and precious coastal ecosystems of the Asia (Indo-Malay) Pacific and the world.

Access to SCESAP HQ (c/o Amakusa Marine Biological Laboratory - Kyushu University)

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SCESAP Offices


- SCESAP-backed Marine Field Courses in Amakusa, Japan

- SCESAP Biodiversity Symposia (see Events) cebu1

一般社団法人 SCESAP

( As SCESAP HQ is an entity incorporated under the Japanese law, its legal documents are in Japanese. To view the documents below, the Japanese encoding "Shift-JIS" is needed in the browser. )