Coastal Ecosystems  2014-22  Vol 1-9

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2022: Volume 9

Marine algal flora of Sesoko Island (Okinawa, Japan): comparison between field and outdoor aquaria collections   

 E.A. Titlyanov, T.V. Titlyanova, O.S. Belous and Y. Nakano     1-23

2021: Volume 8

2020: Volume 7

Zooxanthellate scleractinian corals collected from Amakusa, western Kyushu, Japan   

 K. Nomura, H. Yokochi, T. Kimura, K. Kajiwara, S. Nojima and S. Arakaki     1-52

2019: Volume 6

Spatio-temporal variability in benthic algal assemblages on man-made and natural substrates in the Tomioka Bay (Amakusa, Japan)   

 E.A. Titlyanov, T.V. Titlyanova and M. Tokeshi     1-21

2018: Volume 5

New records of benthic green algae (Chlorophyta) from Hainan Island (2008 - 2016)   

  T.V. Titlyanova, E.A. Titlyanov and L. Xiubao     130-149


New records of benthic brown algae (Ochrophyta) from Hainan Island (1990 - 2016)   

  T.V. Titlyanova, E.A. Titlyanov, L. Xiubao, B. Xia and I. Bartsch     102-129


New records of benthic red algae (Rhodophyta) from Hainan Island (1990 - 2016) (taxonomic description of species and their varieties)   

  T.V. Titlyanova and E.A. Titlyanov     22-101


Spatio-temporal variability in the recruitment of a Western Pacific sand dollar population     

 Y. Yoshida, M. Hirose, M. Kiyomoto and M. Tokeshi      14-21

Lunella shell damages and epibionts: what are interspecific relations?     

 Y. Osawa and M. Tokeshi      1-13

2017: Volume 4

Changes in hard coral abundance and composition on Koh Tao, Thailand, 2006-2014     

 Chad M. Scott, Rahul Mehrotra, Madalena Cabral and Sirachai Arunrugstichai      26-38

Impact of the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake on seagrass beds and fish communities in Miyako Bay, Japan     

 T. Noda, M. Hamaguchi, Y .Fujinami, D. Shimizu, H. Aono, Y. Nagakura, A. Fukuta, H. Nakano, Y. Kamimura and J. Shoji       12-25

Morphological differentiation in the populations of three reef fishes with varying pelagic larval strategies in the southern Philippine seas.     

 J.P. Cabasan, M.G.D.S.M.L. Solier, L.T.C. Manuel, M.A. Paradela and C.L. Nañola Jr.      1-11

2016: Volume 3

Mating system and group spawning in the wrasse Pteragogus aurigarius in Tateyama, central Japan.       

 S. Shimizu, S. Endo, M. Sasaki, A. Murase, M. Masuko, M. Miyazawa and T. Sunobe      38-49

Decadal changes in the algal assemblages of tropical- subtropical Yonaguni Island in the western Pacific.       

 E.A. Titlyanov, T.V. Titlyanova, T.L. Kalita and M. Tokeshi      16-37

Seasonal dynamics of the larval distribution and settlement of the clam Ruditapes philippinarum in the Suo-Nada Sea, Japan.       

 N. Tezuka, M. Hamaguchi, M Shimizu, H. Iwano, T. Tawaratsumida and S Taga       1-15

2015: Volume 2

Assessing the feasibility of bio-logging research in adult temperate bass, Lateolab lax latus, in subtropical-temperate coastal waters of southwestern Japan.        

S. Arakaki, Y. Kawabata and M. Tokeshi        42-51

Management of coral reef ecosystems in Indonesia: past, present and the future.  

H. A. Susanto, Suraji and M. Tokeshi        21-41

Coral-algal relations in reef systems: on the positive roles of algae in reef recovery processes.                                   

E. A.Titlyanov, T. V. Titlyanova and M. Tokeshi        1-20

2014: Volume 1

Pronounced difference in community structure between the edge and the interior: analysing small-scale variability of a maritime woodland.     

M. Yoko-o and M. Tokeshi        54-63

Marine algal flora of Hainan Island: a comprehensive synthesis.

T. V. Titlyanova, E. A. Titlyanov and T. L. Kalita        28-53

Foraging ecology of a large opportunistic predator (adult Lateolabrax latus) on a temperate-subtropical rocky shore.     

S. Arakaki, N. Hutchinson and M. Tokeshi        14-27

Ruditapes philippinarum mortality and growth under netting treatments in a population-collapsed habitat.

N. Tezuka, M. Kanematsu, K. Asami, N. Nakagawa, T. Shigeta, M. Uchida and H. Usuki        1-13


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